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Updated: Kurganets-25 – a new family of medium troop carriers from...

The Russian army is displaying the first mechanized unit deployed with the new Kurganets-25 armored fighting vehicles during the May 9th parade in Moscow. This is the first public unveiling of the new armored vehicle, that has been in development in the past decade.

Russian Land Power Demonstrated at RAE 2013

Russian Arms Expo 2013 opened today at Nizhny Tagil. This remote site, while far away from Moscow, provides the perfect setting for an excellent...

Russia offers BMP-3 Infantry Combat Vehicles (ICV) to India

Russia is offering the BMP-3 to India, as a substitute or long term ‘stop gap’ positioned to replace the rapidly obsoleting BMP-2. If India decides to cancel its long overdue FICV, the BMP-3 could eventually take its place as India’s future ICV.

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