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Taiwan set to design, build new, indigenous submarines

Taiwan's Defense ministry has approved the guidelines for the design and construction of an indigenous submarine. Design and development is slated to begin in 2016 and span over four years at a total cost of about US$95 million.

Taiwan publicize Hsiung Feng III supersonic anti-ship missile tests

Taiwan unveiled test records of its new generation weapon systems, including the nation's latest supersonic anti-ship missile Hsiung Feng III and surface-to-air Tien Kung III missiles.

Taiwan Unveils ‘Wan Chien’ Air-To-Ground Stand-Off Weapon

The Taiwanese Air Force unveiled an locally developed air-to-ground stand-off weapon developed for the nation's F-CK-1 Indigenous Defense Fighter (IDF) 'The Diplomat' Reports. Known...

Taiwan Air Force forms an Anti-Submarine Air Group

Taiwan's Ministry of National Defense announced the establishment of an Air Force anti-submarine group, maintained by eleven S-2T Turbo Tracker anti-submarine planes transferred from...

Taiwan to Seek Development of an Indigenous Stealth Fighter

Taipei is determined to develop its own advanced, new generation stealth-capable fighters capable to meet the modern Chinese fighter planes in battle. Long-range flight and aerial refueling abilities, as well as the capability to launch ground and anti-ship weapons are also among the requirements outlined in a recently published quadrennial defense review (QDR)

Taiwan To Upgrade Half F-CK-1 of its Fleet By Year’s End

By year's end Taiwan plans to complete modernizing about half of the fleet of its locally built 'Indigenous Defense Fighter' (IDF). The upgrade will enable the Taiwan Air Force to maintain the aircraft in service through 2030.

Taiwan Denies Claims of Reduction in the Number of F-16s Being...

Taipei denies claims that Taiwan has agreed to reduce the number of F-16C/D fighters it is requesting from the United States are now being refuted by the Taiwanese Ministry of National defense.

Two US Minehunters Join Taiwan Navy

Two refurbished US coastal minehunters were delivered to the Republic of China (Taiwan) Navy on 2 August as part of an overall arms deal valued at $6.4 billion. The two Osprey-class minehunters, the former USS Oriole (MHC-55) and USS Falcon (MHC-59), were decommissioned by the US Navy in 2007 and were approved for sale to Taiwan at a cost of approximately $105 million in 2010

China Announces Intention to Garrison Disputed South China Sea

The People’s Liberation Army’s (PLA) Central Military Commission has approved plans to establish a permanent military garrison in the disputed South China Sea, strengthening its grip of a disputed area claimed by the Philippines, Vietnam and Malaysia.

Taiwan Signs LOA for F-16 Upgrades

Following a cooperation agreement with Taiwan’s state-run Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation (AIDC), Lockheed Martin seems to be on track to upgrade the fleet of 146 F-16A/B Block 20 Fighting Falcons for Taipei.

Pacific Isle Disputes Continue Unabated

China and the Philippines have engaged in several face-to-face encounters in the South China Sea, most recently in the Scarborough Shoals some 500 nautical miles north of Half Moon Shoal. The Chinese frigate grounded at the shoal since last friday has been linked to previous attempts to use intimidation to prevent Filipino fishing boats from entering the fishing grounds in the area.

Taiwan Deploys Cruise Missiles With Range to Reach Chinese Mainland

Taiwan plans to deploy its newly developed Hsiungfeng IIE cruise missiles on land-based launch sites, within strike distance from mainland China. The new missile has an effective range of about 600 kilometers and carries a warhead of 200 kg.

Sharpening the Little Dragon’s Teeth

After years of delay, Taiwan seems to be on track to procure the full US$5.2 billion upgrade package for its fleet of F-16A/B fighter jets as notified to the US Congress in September last year.

Defending The Homeland – The Future Of Japan’s And Taiwan’s Air...

The unsettling appearance of a Chinese aircraft carrier has created quite a stir in the Pacific among those nations that rely heavily on the United States for warfighting protection and military hardware. With the Chinese carrier now underway on its second round of sea trials, the Pacific community is looking with increased urgency to improve air defenses. Taiwan and Japan in particular are in critical need of an upgrade to their existing air-superiority fighter forces.

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