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Asia Pacific Defense Update – November 21, 2011

Washington to Transfer an F-16 Squadron to Indonesia | India is Set to Test Fly the Nirbhany Cruise Missile in early 2012 | India Launches New Generation Strategic Missile Agni 4 | India Plans to Beef Northern Border Surveillance with SAR | Malaysia Considers Expanding Su-30MKM Combat Roles | Malaysia Considers Equipping its F/A-18D with AIM-9X Super Sidewinder | Taiwan’s Surveillance Radar Program Faces One Year Delay \ Canberra Wants a Sixth Globemaster III for the RAAF | More Ammo for the Carl Gustafs | Poland delivers Four Swidniks to the Philippines

Pentagon Details Taiwan Air Force F-16 Modernization Plan

The F-16A/B upgrade package the U.S. offers Taiwan includes the integration of an unspecified AESA radar, helmet mounted cueing system (JHMCS) supporting AIM-9X air/air missiles and advanced electronic warfare and self-protection systems. Targeting pods and precision guided munitions will also enhance the fighters' air/ground capability.

Lockheed Martin Awarded +$900 Million Order for PAC-3 Missiles for UAE,...

On December 20, 2010 the Pentagon awarded Lockheed Martin an order worth over $916 million for the delivery of 226 'tactical missiles' and 24...

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