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Watchkeeper UAVs Grow COMINT Ears

Britain's electronics expert QinetiQ has developed a variant of its AS3 communications intelligence (COMINT) system designed specifically for unmanned aerial vehicles. Following an integration,...

Ghost Ships Gather in Scotland for Naval Robotic Wargames

Almost 50 unmanned systems from the UK, USA, Sweden, Germany, France, Italy, and Austria participated in a month-long war game for robots, organized by the Royal Navy. Spanning air, surface and the undersea domain, ‘Unmanned Warrior 2016’ (UW16), has been in the making for almost two years, with dozens of players from different nations invited to take part in this unique operational demonstration, held as part of NATO’s Joint Warrior exercise.

Thales Expands Watchkeeper, Offering WK-X for Export

Thales is introducing an export variant of its Watchkeeper Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), originally developed for the UK. The first export contract being pursued by the company is Poland, seeking a UAV solution for its military forces.

British Watchkeeper drones begin combat ISTAR missions over Afghanistan

The UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) today announced the first operational flights in Afghanistan of Thales’ unmanned air system - the Watchkeeper. The new capability is providing force protection for British troops as they prepare to draw down from Afghanistan by the end of this year.

French Army could expand UAS choices

A new drone war has heating up in France, as authorities are gearing up for the long awaited Request for Proposal of the Système de Drones Tactiques (SDT) - 30 a tactical drone systems that would replace the Sperwer UAS by 2019.

British Watchkeeper UAV Finally Cleared to Enter Military Service

The British Army is expected to induct the long awaited Watchkeeper UAV system with its field units, following Release To Service (RTS) by the...

U.K. Evaluate French Datalink for Watchkeeper

Thales is due to complete a study that will assess the possibility of integrating its Thales Modem for Air (TMA) 6000 wideband airborne Ku-band...

Iran Flexing Muscles Part 1: Combat UAVs

Shahed 129 Forward view
Iran recently introduced the Shahed 129 UAV in September 2012. Shahed 129 described as a ‘clone of the Israeli Hermes 450’ was developed by the corps’ military production facilities can carry can the Sadid guided missile it can carry.

Watchkeeper Heading to France for Operational Trials

The French Ministry of Defense plans to conduct an operational assessments and flight trials of the Thales Watchkeeper Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) beginning 2012

Elbit Systems 2011 – Returning to Growth

Elbit Systems, Israel’s leading defense systems manufacturer has increased revenues in the fourth quarter to US$798.7 million, indicating 11.8% growth, compared to $714.7 million in the fourth quarter of 2009. The company's order backlog has also increased and is now exceeding $5 billion.

Watchkeeper is Flying in the UK

The Newest British UAV is Scheduled for Delivery Later in 2010 Watchkeeper, the newest unmanned aircraft to join the ranks of the British Army performed...

GD, Elbit Systems’ form Joint Venture to Market UAS in the...

General Dynamics Armament and technical Products (GDATP), an operating unit of  General Dynamics (NYSE GD) and Elbit Systems of America, LLC a subsidiary of Elbit...

First Watchkeepers UAVs Are Expected at ParcAberporth By Fall

Thales UK’s Watchkeeper program is moving forward, with the first production unmanned air vehicle (UAV) platform flying since April this year. The first flight...

Watchkeeper’s First Flight

The Watchkeeper made its maiden flight on 16 April from Megiddo airfield in northern Israel. This unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is the first produced version of...

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