SecNet 11 Plus Secured Wireless Local Area Network


SecNet 11 Plus is a family of encrypted 802.11b wi-fi networking products, comprising Network Interface Card (NIC) Wireless Bridges and Access Points, providing secure ad-hoc networking or wireless communications infrastructure supporting point-to-point and point-to-multipoint connectivity at a “secret” level. SecNet 11 Plus is certified as Type 1 security by the US National Security Agency (NSA).

Using such high security measures, mobile, field users can share standard-based wireless means and ad-hoc networking for the transfer of secure data, video and voice (VOIP) at a “secret” level.

SecNet 11 Plus employs Harris Sierra I encryption module using the Intersil PRISM chipset running BATON – an NSA Type 1 encryption algorithm to secure the RF link. The system encrypts both data (COMSEC) as well as the source and destination address (NETSEC), preventing traffic analysis on transmitted data. The key is loaded manually. This solution enable users to employ COTS based hardware at a highly secure environment anywhere in the world.