Tokeh lightweight Air-Mobile vehicle


Rheinmetall Defense introduced its version for lightweight heliborne vehicle – TOKEH, a company initiative currently at feasibility study phase. This light tactical mission vehicle is optimized for internal carriage by an NH-90 helicopters, in support of special operations. It will have accommodations for a driver and commander, with an optional third seat. TOKEH high mobility vehicle weighs 2.4 ton Maximum Gross Total Weight (MGTW), including a payload of up to 600 kg. The 4×4 vehicle was measured to fit the confined space of the new transport helicopter.

TOKEH will offer operations at extended range, and high off-road mobility, supported by adjustable height suspension and run-flat tyres and central inflation system. The vehicle will have an integral forward protection, by an armored bulkhead and bulletproof, two piece transparent windscreen. The blast protected bottom provides protection against hand grenades. TOKEH will be powered by an Iveco F1A 2.3 liter diesel engine developing 85.5 kW (@3,900 RPM) coupled to a manual 5 gears transmission, developing a maximum speed of 120 km/h. TOKEH has a total length of 3.4 meters, width of 1.6 meters and height of 1.4 meter. The track width is 1.365 m’ and wheel base is 2.28 m’.