VideoScout MC portable video exploitation and management system


L-3 Communications’ Advanced Products & Design (L2AP&D) released today a new version of the portable video exploitation and management system known as VideoScout-MC. The system has a built-in datalink receiver, to directly receive video and telemetry data from manned or Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). The new system acts as a remote video terminal as well as a video exploitation and management system. VideoScout-MC deliveries will begin the beginning of 2007.

VideoScout-MC provides mobile units, special forces, intelligence teams and dismounted personnel an “all-in-one” system to receive, manipulate and disseminate critical video data. VideoScout-MC can receive data from L-band systems, such as the Dragon EyeRaven and Pointer; S-band systems, including the ScanEagle and Silver Fox; and C-band systems, including the PredatorShadowHunter unmanned aerial systems and LITENING targeting Pod. Built-in applications assist users to exploit the data, creating maps, managing video and rapidly distributing critical images, videop clips and segments, or stream live video to others users in the field.

The system is integrated with mapping systems such as FalconView, enabling the display of incoming video and associated maps side by side, superimposed with vehicle position, flight path and field of view plotted in real time. Tactical INTEL personnel can locate previously recorded videos and images by selecting a desired area on a FalconView map. VideoScout-MC automatically finds and displays all instances of video and images available for the selected geographic area with corresponding lat/long, date/time and annotations.

The system synchronizes and archives video with selected UAS metadata to create geo-location rich video intelligence by associating time and location with both motion and still imagery for easy search and retrieval, as well as provide more accurate integration with other warfighter applications. Video can be saved and searched by location, date/time or user notes, and analyzed to support pre- and post-mission planning and analysis. All original video data, derivative video, images and associated metadata are stored and remain available on demand. Video clips, segments and still images can be searched, retrieved and displayed in “storyboard” format, allowing for quick viewing, management and dissemination of critical data. Incoming live video and metadata can be viewed using VideoScout-MC’s full digital video recorder (DVR) capabilities, allowing personnel to pause, zoom, reverse, fast forward and play up to 60 minutes of real-time video.

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