Vortex Ring Gun


The method of operation of this weapon is by discharging a blank cartridge into a diverging nozzle, the pressure accelerates a gas cylinder at high mach number and atmospheric pressure into a stationary gas. An incapacitating agent is injected into the supersonic jet stream and spin within the vortex mixes and activates the agent in flight. On impact the agent is deposited onto a target. The effect can be synchronized to resonate with body organs, to magnify the force felt by the target.

The weapon has demonstrated its capability to knock-down a 75kg man-sized mannequin from a distance of 10 meters. Military application of a Vortex Ring Gun system will operate at combat ranges beyond 20 meters. Candidate platform for the Vortex Ring Gun is GL-6 repeating revolver 40-mm grenade launcher. The concept is to provide a two piece kit that retrofits to the gun and enables quick conversion between lethal and non- lethal modes of operation.

The kit consists of a set of blank cartridges and a disposable rod which slides into the barrel and affixes to the muzzle. A second candidate platform for modification to non-lethal operations using vortex technology is the MK19-3 automatic 40-mm grenade launcher. Firing in resonance with body parts (10 shots/sec) amplifies the force felt by a target.