Israel and Singapore Team up to Market Advanced Anti-Ship Missiles

Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd (ST Engineering) today signed an agreement to set up a Singapore-based joint venture company (JV) with Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd (IAI). The JV named Proteus Advanced Systems will market and sell advanced naval missile systems, including next-generation anti-ship missile systems.

Update: Vikramaditya begins sea trials at the White Sea

Five years after it was originally due to be delivered, and more than twice over budget, the Russian aircraft carrier Vikramaditya refurbished by the Russians for the Indian Navy has set sail wednesday for final sea trials prior to handover. The trials in the White Sea will continue for about 25 days and include the testing of maneuverability and other...

DARPA Awards Five Contracts for the Evaluation of TERN Naval UAS

Since August 2013 the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has awarded several contracts for concept evaluations of the ship-based Tactically Exploited Reconnaissance Node (TERN) - a low-cost, Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) unmanned aerial vehicle program aimed to explore an innovative vertical takeoff and landing UAS suitable for vessels with limited deck space. These contracts are the...

Second Royal Navy Type 45 Destroyer Launched

The Royal Navy's newest warship, the Type 45 Destroyer HMS Dauntless, was launched on the Clyde January 23, 2007 by Lady Burnell-Nugent, wife of the Commander In Chief of the Fleet. HMS Dauntless is the second of the new Type 45 class of Anti-Air Warfare Destroyers. BAE Systems is the prime contractor for the delivery of the first six Type...

Gripen NG to become an aerospace growth engine for Brazil

LAAD 2014 Defense-Update: Following the Memorandum of Understanding announced on 11 July 2014, Saab and Embraer have signed today an agreement for the joint management of the F-X2 Project for the Brazilian Air Force. The sale of 36 Gripen NG aircraft to Brazil under a contract worth US$ 4.55 Billion provides for a complete, ‘turnkey weapon system’, with comprehensive logistic support that includes training, spare parts, support, planning and maintenance.

US Report Recommending Hosting of US Carrier Force Rejected by Australia

Australia publicly rejected a basing proposal announced by a Washington-based “think tank” that called for basing a United States’ nuclear aircraft carrier strike group at Australia’s naval base near the city of Perth on 23 August. The basing concept, developed by an independent research group, has not been endorsed by the US government.

First of a New Class Patrol Ships Laid Down at Zelenodolsky Shipyard in Russia

The lead vessel in a new class of patrol vessels designed for maritime security was laid down in a ceremony at Russia’s Zelenodolsky shipyard (Gorky) Wednesday February 26, 2012. The vessel, to be named 'Vasily Bykov' will be the first diesel-powered Project 22160 patrol ship. The new generation, 1,300-ton ship will have a range of 6,000 nautical miles on missions...

AEGIS Destroyer Demonstrates Unique Anti-Missile Capability

A Standard SM-3 Block IA Missile launched from the USS Decatur (DDG 73) destroyed a medium-range ballistic missile target during a flight test that marked the completion of the destroyer's Combat System Ship Qualification Trials (CSSQT). It was the first time that an SM-3 was fired from a destroyer. Previous tests involved missiles launched from Aegis cruisers. The exercise was the...

Egypt to Equip its New Mistral-Class Helicopter Carriers With 50 Russian Made Ka-52K Alligators

Egypt, France and Russia have reached an agreement to sell Egypt the two Mistral Helicopter Carriers originally built in France for the Russian Navy. The ships could be delivered to Egypt in March 2016. Egypt is also buying Russian Ka-52K helicopters, to be delivered from 2017.

Russia offers India three additional Talwar class frigates

Russia is offering to build for Indian Navy three additional Project 11356 frigates - the type designated 'Talwar class' by the Indian Navy. In addition, the two countries are negotiating weapon systems upgrades to the three frigates delivered under the first order is also being negotiated, integrating the Indo-Russian Bramos missile.

Vikramaditya delivery delayed at least until July 2013

Smoke pillowed from the Vikramaditya as she sailed the Barnets Sea on its first sea trial. Despite the crew's efforts to reach top speed, the vessel didn't make it, due to faulty boiler insulation.
Major issues reported during the recent sea trials at the Barnets Sea are delaying the completion and handover of the refurbished Russian built Admiral Gorshkov, aircraft carrier to the Indian Navy at least until July 2013

UK May Be Looking To Return To STOVL F-35B Aircraft

The U.K. decision to select the carrier based F-35C instead of the Short Take Off Vertical Landing (STOVL) F-35B variant would require major redesign of the Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier currently under construction. Even the increasing cost of the F-35B dwarfs, compared to the $1.9 billion cost increase required for the new carrier modification.

Australian Destroyers to Get Next Generation AEGIS

The U.S. Navy awarded Lockheed Martin (NYSE:LMT) $260 million for Aegis Weapon Systems to equip three Australian Air Warfare Destroyers (AWD) and one Spanish F-100-class frigate. The four systems will be next-generation Aegis Weapon Systems - among the first to fully utilize commercial off-the-shelf hardware and a open architecture computing environment. Production of the systems destined for Australia and...

The Eyes of the Future RN Carrier Strike Force

The British MOD is set to select soon the future Airborne Early Warning (AEW) system to be deployed on the future Royal Navy (RN) Queen Elizabeth II aircraft carriers. Thales UK and Lockheed Martin submitted final offers for the Crowsnest AEW solutions last month, competing for the £500 million ($761 million) contract.

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