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CICADA – Close-in Covert Autonomous Disposable Aircraft

CICADA - for Close-in Covert Autonomous Disposable Aircraft, is developed by the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) to enable rapid dispersion of communication nodes, sensors, or effectors can then be placed in a programmable geometric pattern in hostile territory without directly over-flying those regions or exposing human agents on the ground.

Pentagon Tests Air-Launched Micro Drone Developed by MIT Students

The Perdix air launched micro drone uses miniature 3D printed micro-drones that are designed for high-speed ejection over the target area. Folded into a tube, Perdix fits into a standard chaff canister carried by F-16, F-15 or F/A-18 fighter jets.

IAI Delivers 13 ArrowLite Micro-UAVs systems to the US DOD

IAI unveiled a new micro-UAV at AUVSI 2014 - the ArrowLite. The vehicle was designed, developed and manufactured by IAI's US subsidiary Stark Aerospace,...

Insect Size RoboBee Performs Controlled Flight

A team of researchers from the Harvard’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences are developing an insect sized robot that made its first flight last summer. Half the size of a paperclip, weighing less than a tenth of a gram, RoboBee inspired by the biology of a fly and conceived through manufacturing breakthrough and miniaturization.

Lockheed Martin Acquires Procerus Technologies

Lockheed Martin today announced the acquisition of Procerus Technologies, a provider of miniature avionics and autopilot systems for micro unmanned aerial systems

CICADA Micro-Drones Open New Opportunities for Future Covert Surveillance

Tempest with CICADA 3
CICADA is a concept for a low-cost, GPS-guided, micro disposable air vehicle that can be deployed in large numbers to "seed" an area with miniature electronic payloads. These payloads could be interconnected to form an ad-hoc, self-configuring network. Communication nodes, sensors, or effectors can then be placed in a programmable geometric pattern in hostile territory without directly over-flying those regions or exposing human agents on the ground.

DARPA Harnessing Crowd Wisdom to Develop New Perch and Stare UAVs

DAPRPA is seeking the wisdom of the crowds to innovate with new concepts for micro drones that will be able to perch and stare on the battlefield.

A New Bird of Prey Soaring over Western Afghanistan?

Pakistani sources claimed an unidentified, bird shaped UAV suspected to be an American surveillance drone, crashed in southwestern Pakistan on 25 August at the town of Chaman near the Afghan border.

Indian Police Seeking More Mini-UAVs

The growing interest in unmanned systems for use by Indian police and law enforcement agencies is bringing the Home Ministry to evaluate some of the technologies available for paramilitary use.

Innocon to sell 50 Micro-Falcon Man Portable UAS in Asia

Innocon announced today the signature of a contract for the supply of 50 MicroFalcon Systems to an unnamed customer in Asia. All 50 systems...

Jubilant, Aeronautics Team to Address India’s Growing Need for UAVs

Jubilant Bhartia Group and Israel's Aeronautics Defense Systems have recently formed a joint venture company addressing the growing need for unmanned aerial systems and...

Suicide Micro-Drons

Above: Miniature missiles developed for use with small UAVs such as this Raytheon Small Tactical Missile (STM) shown above, under a Cobra experimental UAV...

US Air Force to Develop Micro-UAV Killer Drones for the Special...

Following the conclusion of DARPA's Close Combat Lethal Recon (CCLR) project the U.S. Air Force has embarked on a rapid acquisition program for a Lethal Miniature...

TiGER Proposed for U.S. Army’s Small Loitering Munition Program

Another system unveiled by MBDA Inc is the Tactical Grenade Extended Range (‘TiGER’), a loitering weapon built around a small warhead weighing 1 pound,...

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