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Plasan Delivers Sandcat EX11 Armored Vehicles to the IDF

The SandCat EX11 was designed and produced by Plasan, using commercial Ford F550 chassis, stripped off the standard body, and added the armored capsule designed by the company’s unique kitted-hull architecture enabling flexible configurations for different uses.

Plasan Introduces 4GEN Sandcat at Eurosatory

Plasan expands the Sandcat family with the introduction of the 4 GEN Sandcat. The new generation uses a monocoque hull, that eliminates the need for the Ford 550 frame, although retaining the automotive parts of the heavy-duty commercial vehicle. The use of a monocoque hull enabled designers to improve the vehicle's blast protection while retaining the overall vehicle's weight below nine tons.

Plasan to Introduce an Ultra-Light and Protected Vehicle for Special Ops

Plasan's new ultra-light, armored vehicle - Yagu is designed to behave like an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) but offers its crew of three persons the all-around protection against high-velocity threats that troops are accustomed to with much heavier protected vehicles.

Sandcat + SCAT = Combating Terror and Urban Violence

Plasan showcases a new variant of its Sandcat Stormer armored vehicle designed as an SUV for police, anti-terror/anti-riot rapid response, and security forces. The vehicle is equipped with remotely controlled overhead sensor and weapon system dubbed ‘SCAT’, designed specifically to address violent crowds using non-lethal means.

A New Israeli Sandcat Spoted in Paris

Israel's Plasan is showcasing a new model of the Sandcat light armored vehicle at Eurosatory 2016. Two versions of the vehicle are on display here: the Sandcat Stormer, shown in an ISR version, and a light combat vehicle carrying Rafael's Samson remote weapon station (RWS), mounting a machine gun, Spike missiles and optronics.

Security Israel, Combat 2011 Photo Report

Security Israel 2011 and Combat 2011 - Israel’s military and security event se taking place in Tel Aviv for the 25th year (security) and...

Stretched Paramilitary Versions for the Sandcat

Plasan are showing two new models of the SandCat, designed for paramilitary and police missions. Plasan has already delivered a special version of the...

Oshkosh turns the SandCat into an Off-road Border Patroller

Oshkosh Defense has introduced a new, high mobility, protected vehicle designed for border security. Oshkosh is unveiling the new 'Tactical Protector Vehicle' (TPV) at...

International Armored Vehicles 2010 Exhibition Review

The MRAP All-Terrain Vehicle (M-ATV) made its international debut at the International Armored Vehicles exhibition. The display was in accordance with the Pentagon's plan...

International Armored Vehicles Event Gathers Momentum

Total Mobility Vehicle is unveiling at the International Armored Vehicles a new family of vehicles designed for extreme off-road mobility. Known as the TMV...

Oshkosh to Launch Special Operations SandCat Armored Vehicle at DVD

Oshkosh Defense is unveiling a Special Operations Vehicle (SOV) configuration of the SandCat at the Defence Vehicle Dynamics (DVD) 2009 taking place at the Millbrook proving...

Sand cat – All-Protected Combat Vehicle

Plasan is demonstrating their vehicle armoring capabilities at Eurosatory 2006, in a new, all-protected wheeled armored personnel carrier. Unveiled at the Milipol law enforcement...

SandCat – All-Protected Combat Vehicle from Plasan Sasa (Test Drive)

Earlier in 2006 Defense Update had the opportunity to ride the new Sand Cat armored concept vehicle developed by Plasan Sasa. Traveling through dirt roads and fields...

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