ASPS Self Defense System


Advanced Self Protection System (ASPS), a new generation of self-defense system, developed by Elisra Electronics Systems. The system includes both passive and active subsystems, and incorporates, for the first time of an F-16, both full azimuth coverage RWR and passive (EO) Missile Warning System (MWS). The system can detect pulse, CW, High PRF and Pulse Doppler signals, discriminate them from interference and prioritize the most threatening ones. The system points at a valid threat both visual and audible means. The MWS can also track a threat throughout the engagement. After detecting a missile threat, by its infrared signature, filters the background clutter by a narrow spectral window optimized to real-time signal, by an adaptive threshold. The threat assessment is determined by a after a rapid target algorithm, which tracks each threat frame-by-frame, analyzes target maneuverability, relative position, inertial data and angular velocity and intensity.

By using infrared imagery and signal processing, PAWS-2 detects and tracks incoming missile’s hot plume as it appears within a protective sphere surrounding the aircraft. The system discriminates between threatening and non-threatening missiles, by evaluating the missile’s trajectories. When it detects a threatening missile, PAWS-2 alerts the aircrew with a warning signal and automatically activates countermeasures such as flares and DIRCM. The ASPS’ active subsystem (jammer) can be used against enemy radars and radar guided threats. The system can employ a rich repertoire of deceptive signals, at various frequencies and power levels, to employ Doppler, range, AM and various noise techniques. The system is also integrated with the Advanced Countermeasures Dispensing System (ACDS) built by BAE Systems’ Israeli based subsidiary (formerly Rokar International). ACDS controls and dispenses various types of countermeasures, including chaff, flares and RF decoys produced by IMI, that adapt to the various phases of the engagement parameters. Special designs allows the ACDS to fire dual chaff cartridges double the number of on-board chaff stores per mission, and fire multi-spectral flares to response or a stronger decoy signal. The EW cockpit displays are provided by the Terma.