IMPAQT – Guided Artillery Munition


Bofors Defense, GIAT Industries, MBDA and QuinetiQ have teamed to develop a family of advanced gun-launched precision guided munitions for future battlefield applications under the UK MOD UFPA and French MPPA programs. Utilizing an advanced shell case and aerodynamic fins, built from composites, the new ammunition will offer considerable saving in weight and airframe durability. The QuinetiQ team offers two modular versions of artillery shells, designed for extended range, increased precision and payload capacity. The first generation IMPAQT Mk1 munition will carry a unitary blast fragmentation / penetrating warhead or two BONUS sensor fused munitions to ranges exceeding 60km, while the Mk 2 will carry three SFMs to ranges in excess of 100km and up to 150km, with the use of rocket assist. Both types are designed for use with standard 155mm tubes. The submunitions should provide hit accuracy of 10 m’ CEP (30m’when GPS navigation is denied).