Controp ESP-600 Lightweight EO payload


ESP-600C is a lightweight payolad stabilized with three gimbals (azimuth and elevation), which can be used by small UAVs and helicopters. The stabilized payload (better than 10 microRad, 0.7deg pointing accuracy) is configured to carry two CCD cameras – including 1/4″ color CCD with 0.75 to 11.5 deg. FOV and a wide FOV 1//2″ camera offering 22.6×17 deg. Coverage for general orientation. The payload can also accommodate an optional 3CCd camera with extended focal length for longer acquisition ranges (0.35×0.26). The payload weighs 12.3 kg. Diameter is 300mm, height: 435mm. Truck target detection range is 30km, recognition: 12km. The system is provided with automatic target tracking capability.