SOD IV – Surveillance & Observation Device (SOD) Micro UAV


The British company Cyberflight unveiled two micro UAVs at Eurosatory 2006. The new members of the Surveillance Observation Device (SOD) family of mini-UAVs include SOD IV, a 0.5kg Maximum Take-Off Weight (MTOW) platform carrying a 250 gram payload. The Micro UAV can fly on a 15-35 minute mission to a range of 9 km at an altitude of 1,000 – 2,000 feet, loitering at a minimum speed of 15 knots. Unlike other micro UAVs of its class, SOD IV uses a swept wing plan-form, enabling efficient flight in urban environment. The system is carried and operated by a single soldier and is prepared for a mission within seconds. SOD IV can be assembled from three subsystems (two wings and a single body/tail section) mission company’s systems. The system is fitted with nose mounted EO payload comprising a CCD chip, a lens and a remotely controlled mechanism enabling 90 deg tilt of the sensor, for forward or down looking views.

Cyberflight product range on display focused on a new family of Surveillance Observation Device (SOD) – including the SOD I flying wing, SOD III mini UAV and SOD IV Micro-UAV. SOD I is a 3kg MTOW flying wing UAV, designed for 60 minute operation at an altitude of 500 – 2,000 feet, carrying a 0.5 kg payload including a color, fuselage mounted color daylight camera or a thermal night camera. SOD III follows a more conventional plan-form; it weighs 5.4kg MTOW including a 2 kg payload, and is designed to sustain mission duration of 2.5 hours.