MaXess Military Wireless LAN System


MaXess provides real-time, broadband intra-command wireless LAN, supporting rich multimedia communications between the elements of a command posts. The system supports two operating modes – MW-LAN supports networking at 1, 2, 5.5 and 11 Mbps transfer rates, including forward error correction, over intra-command post wireless LAN, over a range of 0.25 square kilometer (500×500 meters).

The system uses modified COTS IEEE 802.11b wireless LAN technology in a PCMCIA card or external WLAN module, to link tens of users over a network forming over ad-hoc protocols, utilizing self-healing and dynamic control, with flexible frequency band selection, to support unicast, multicast and broadcast communications. A different application is the EMW-LAN, utilizing WLAN and a power amplifier module, the system supports company and battery level “wireless on the move” data communications applications. This network can span over 25 square kilometers (5×5 km) and up to 30 km, with directional antenna. EMW-LAN supports the same data transfer rates as MW-LAN.