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Creating Fortress Kursk

German forces occupied an extensive salient in the northern portions of the uplands around the city of Orel, while the Soviet Kursk Bulge dominated the upland's southern region. The Red Army anchored its defenses along the northern edge of the Kursk Bulge, based on...

The German Plan: Simple but Unrealistic to Succeed

Broadly speaking, the German plan for Citadel was relatively simple indeed: The Kursk "Bulge" created the ideal conditions to "pinch" the entire Russian frontline, with two massive armored thrusts, 9th Army from the north and Fourth Panzer Army from the south, smashing the Soviet...

The northern salient- Walter Model’s Army sector

Commanding the 9th Army  was General Walter Model a hard-driving, aggressive panzer commander. Born January 24, 1891, as the son of a music teacher in Genthin, Saxony, he fought in the Great War with distinction and quickly advanced his career, becoming Hitler's expert in defensive...

Back to the southern salient

During the night of 4–5 July SS combat engineers had infiltrated no-man's land and cleared lanes through the Soviet minefields. At dawn the three divisions of II SS Panzer Corps – 1st, 2nd and 3rd SS Panzer Divisions- moved to attack General Ivan Christiakov's 6th Guards Army defenses. Using...

Prelude” to Prokhorovka

While General Hausser's SS divisions prepared for battle, there was feverish activity in the Soviet camp as well. On July 11, the elite Fifth Guards Tank Army, commanded by Lt. General Pavel Rotmistrov, who at the age of 42 became one of the youngest Soviet...

Disarming Syria’s Chemical Hydra Seems “Mission Impossible”

For years, Israel has sounded the alarm about the misuse of Syria’s chemical weapons stockpile amid the civil war. The new U.S.-Russian initiative to disarm Syria of its chemical weapons is a mixed bag for the Jewish state. On the one hand, if the initiative...

What hides behind the mission of the Nikolai Filchenkov

An Assessment solving the Syrian crisis - By David Eshel According to latest reports from Russia, the large Landing Ship - Tanks (LST) Nikolai Filchenkov from the Russian Black Sea Fleet is on its way to the East Mediterranean, probably set for the docks at the...

Iron Dome – Beyond the Pillar of Defense

The Iron Dome anti-rocket system proved its worth at Operation Pillar of Defense, successfully intercepting 85 percent of its intended targets (over 400 rockets that would have otherwise hit inside populated areas). What is the way forward for the system? How it would affect the military balance with the Palestinians, Hezbollah and beyond?

Was The Alleged Attack on Sudan Prelude to Iran?

EROS Satellite images of the Yarmouk ammunition plant in Khartum, Sudan, before and after the pre-dawn attack October 24, 2012. Photos: Imagesat
A powerful explosion at the Yarmuk military factory rocked Sudan's capital before dawn, sending detonating ammunition flying through the air and causing panic, the Sudan official news agency and local media reports said. Thick black smoke covered the sky over the Military Industrial Complex...

Ankara and the Syrian Buffer Zone

In the wake of the steady disintegration of the Assad regime, Syrian opposition activists reported that several towns, such as Amouda and Qabani in Syria’s Kurdish populated north eastern region had passed in mid-July 2012 without a fight into the hands of a local group called the Free Kurdish Army.

Who Will Seize Assad’s Secret Weapons Arsenal?

With Syria disintegrating and sliding into civil war and chaos, compromising its missile arsenal and chemical weapons, seep into the black market, falling to the hands of terrorists and extremists all over the world. Can this nightmare be averted? Who can sieze these weapons before the final fall of the Syrian regime?

America’s Misguided Foreign Policy Encourages Iran’s Quest for Hegemony

The biggest threat from a nuclear Iran is Teheran's becoming an 'invincible' power in the Middle east, protected by home made yet effective 'nuclear deterrence'. Most vulnerable would be the Arab countries and Gulf States with Suni majority. Israel will remain a side show in such inter-Muslim conflict

Could Gaza be the Independent Palestinian State?

In his recent post David Eshel points at an interesting option which could be regarded utopian by many skeptics with only doomsday scenarios in their future perception. A plan concerning a “different Gaza”, which seems already in the making, In fact, while Mr Abbas seeks a virtual state at the UN, Hamas already controls a real one.

Erdogan’s Ambition for ‘Arab Spring’ Hegemony – Step Easy…

By David Eshel Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Islamic prime minister of Turkey, may not be a nice person, regarded by most Israelis as an unfriendly bully strutting the already highly turbulent Mid Eastern neighborhood. But no one in his right mind can dismiss his shrewd,...

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