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Israel Extends SPICE Family of Air-Launched EO Guided Weapons

The Israeli Air Force (IAF)  has a proven capability to attack targets from standoff range. One such weapon is the Spice weapon guidance kit developed...

Nemesis Man-Portable Missile Extends Precision Strike to 12 kilometers

Lockheed Martin performed a successful flight demonstration of a company funded lightweight, precision guided weapon called Nemesis. In the first two tests, Nemesis demonstrated vertical launch, GPS navigation to targets located at distances of eight and 12 kilometers. The third GPS guided test aimed at short range target only 100 meters away from the launcher

Lockheed Martin Tests Vehicle Launched DAGR

Lockheed Martin recently demonstrated the ability of its DAGR laser guided rocket to launch from a ground vehicle during a series of flight tests...

Javelin prepares for Vehicles – Tested to Engage Targets up to...

The Javelin missile recently demonstrated the ability to engage targets beyond its current maximum range requirements.

MBDA’s Miniature Missile Complete First Test Flight

The first firing trial of MBDA's Kleinflugkörper (KFK) miniature missile. Photo: MBDA
MBDA performed the first test flight The KFK missile on 19 September 2012 at the military training centre in Baumholder, Germany. On this test the miniature missile demonstrator performed two successful unguided firings, with the missile travelling the planned distance in each case. The test was attended by German officials.

Raytheon Receives Multi-Year Contract to Supply over 6,000 TOW-RF Guided Missiles

Raytheon announced it has won a multiyear contract worth US$349 million, to deliver 6,676 TOW RF missiles to the US Army and Marine Corps

US Navy Seek to Arm Firescouts with Guided Rockets

Firescout with APKWS
The US Marine Corps plans to integrate the newly fielded Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System (APKWS) rocket onto the MQ-8B Firescout unmanned helicopter. The US Navy recently awarded a contract for such integration to the weapon developer BAE Systems.

Navy Awards Boeing $23 Million for Laser JDAM

Following the completion of successful integration testing on its F/A-18 and AV-8B strike fighters, the US Navy recently awarded a $23 million full-rate production contract to Boeing Inc. for the production of 2,384 Laser JDAM weapon kits, to be delivered by February 2014.

US Army Invests $64 Million to Keep JAGM Technology Alive

Lockheed Martin announced it received a $64 million contract from the U.S. Army to extend the JAGM technology development.

Operational F-22 Raptor Drops GBU-39 Small Diameter Bombs for First Time

US Air Force F-22 Raptors performed the first operational deployment of GBU-39 air/ground weapon dropping Small Diameter Bombs (SDB) during exercise Combat Hammer.

Pyros Demonstrates Lethality, Low Collateral Damage in End-to-End Test

Raytheon completed a successful warhead and guidance system test of its Pyros Stall Tactical Munition (formerly known as STM). This end-to-end test validated the weapon's guidance modes – digital semi-active laser and global positioning system (GPS), its height-of-burst sensor, electronic safe and arm device, and multi-effects warhead.

Test Validates GBU-53B Small Diameter Bomb II Moving Target Attack Capability

GBU-53/B Small Diameter Bomb II (SDB II) program achieved an important milestone last week when the weapon successfully engaged and hit a moving target using its tri-modal seeker. SDB II is designed to engage moving targets in adverse weather and through battlefield obscurants.

Iran Introduces a Locally Produced Kornet-E Copy

Iranian Defense Minister Ahmed Vahidi introduced a new missile called ‘Dehlaviyeh’ thought to be an Iranian ‘copycat’ of the Russian KBM 9M133 Kornet missile.

MBDA Reports progress with MMP Missile

MBDA reported today some progress on the Medium Range Missile (MMP) weapon system, destined to replace the MILAN medium range missile that has been...

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