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Israeli smart multi-sensor counters IEDs

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is developing a advanced Counter IED and Mine Suite (CIMS) designed to protect route clearance and lead elements spearheading combat manoeuvre forces operating in areas challenged by IED and mine.

JIEDDO challenges industry to seek IEDs under roads

A challenge-based acquisition project was aimed at denying enemy access to implant improvised explosive devices in road culverts.


The Israeli robotics developer Roboteam is introducing a new miniature robot designed for intelligence gathering and counter IED operations. The ultra-light, 13-lb, highly maneuverable robot can be carried by an individual soldier, climbs stairs and 60⁰ obstacles, operates effectively indoors utilizing secure MANET data link

U.S. Air Force Readies new Tactical, Endurance UAVs for Afghanistan

The US Air Force Research Laboratory has awarded a contract worth $13.1 million to Aero Mech Engineering, to deliver a new type of unmanned...

US Outlines its Counter-IED Strategy: Attack the Network, Defeat the Device...

The latest information on the improvised explosive devices (IEDs) was the focus of remarks delivered by Joint IED Defeat leadership at a recent Arlington,...

JIEDDO’s Information Systems are Targeting IED Support Networks

The strategy developed by the U.S. DoD Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization (JIEDDO) focuses counter IED efforts using three lines of operation: Attack...

Counter IED Technologies at the Modern Day Marine Expo

Counter IED systems and solutions were premier highlights at MDM 07 but, since most IED exhibits were excluded from the media, Defense Update cannot...

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