SAAB designed the BAMSE to provide a complete air defense solution with all-weather, all-target capability. The missile should operate at a range of 20km, outranging most stand-off EO controlled weapons, operating at altitudes up to 15km. The high velocity missile uses a combined effect warhead with shaped and fragmentation charge, detonated by impact and proximity fuse. The missile is guided by Command to Line of Sight (CLOS) by the Fire Control Radar (FCR). The missile has high acceleration and high velocity maintained throughout the operational range, which contributes to high maneuverability throughout the engagement envelope. It is designed to counter various threat profiles, from small, high velocity targets such as anti-radiation missiles to relatively slow, low flying cruise missile type targets.

BAMSE battery comprises a surveillance and coordination center (SCC) comprising of the Erricson AMB 3D radar (or similar systems) with C4I functions, as used by the Swedish Army, and two Missile Control Centres (MCC) associated with the SCC can be dispersed over a distance of 10 – 15km. Each MCC can be deployed in 10 minutes and is provided as a self contained unit carrying six ready to fire missiles and an integral erectable 8 m’ mast fitted with the Ka band FCR (NATO could use K band), Thermal Imaging Sight (TIS), IFF interrogator and weather sensor. Reloading six missiles onto the MCC can be performed in less than four minutes. The MCC is operated by a crew of two seated in an operating cell protected from ballistic and NBC threats.