Rafael Scutter Expandable Torpedo Decoy


SCUTTER is an intelligent expandable torpedo decoy for submarines. Operating as a self-propelled decoy, SCUTTER can be launched instantly, at any depth and provide the submarine with an omnidirectional protection against attacks by all known torpedoes.

On receipt of a torpedo alert, SCUTTER is launched from the Submarine Signal Ejector (SSE) or external launchers. The system is automatically activated after launch, propelling itself autonomously to its operating position. Torpedo transmissions are received and analysed. After identifying the specific torpedo by its characteristic signature, Scutter will select the appropriate deception signals. If an unknown torpedo is encountered, SCUTTER will employ an appropriate deception technique from its portfolio, including Doppler,elongation and range gates, as well as highlights discrimination.

Concequently, torpedoes will always prefer SCUTTER as a legitimate target, attacking repeatedly while the submarine performs evasive maneuvers. SCUTTER can operate for 10 minutes at a depth of 300 meters, and will self destruct and sink on the completion of its mission.

SCUTTER can be accommodated on all types of submarines and has no special installation requirements. It is designed from the submariner’s view – as a compact cylinder, it requires only small volume of the valuable submarine space and has been designed to consume no maintenance or facilities on board. No pre-launch tests or presets are required prior to launch, eliminating any chance of human error and ensuring error-proof launch and in-water operation.