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France Develops a Successor for the MICA Missile

The French armament directorate (DGA) has launched a development program that will modernize the MICA air/air and surface/air missile, introducing a new generation of the weapon (MICA NG).

Enhanced Weapon Configuration for Saudi F-15SA

Boeing has recently released images depicting weapon configurations developed for the F-15, that are likely to support the F-15SA, the most advanced variant of the F-15E fighter aircraft for the Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF). The aircraft depicted in these photos carry 26 weapons of six different types.

Rafale Tested with Maximum Weapons Load – 12 Guided Weapons Underwing

Dassault Aviation has begun testing an upgraded variant of the Rafale  configured to carry an expanded configuration of weapons and fuel. This configuration will...

A Win for Saab: Brazil Opts for the Gripen NG

After more than ten years of discussion, President Dilma Rousseff decided the purchase of Gripen NG fighter, the Swedish Saab, for the FAB (Brazilian...

AIM-9X Block III to Become a BVR Missile

The US Navy is hoping to increase the range of the Raytheon AIM-9X air/air missile by some 60% over current Sidewinder variants. The Navy...

RAFAEL Adds Land Systems Division, Sharpens Missile & NCW Activities

Israel's defense company 'RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems' announced today a sweeping reorganization to its operating units, realigning the company along three main cross-functional domains...

Reconfigured ASTRA Air/Air Missile to Renew Test Flights on Su-30MKI

India's first air-to-air Astra missile is finally back on track now after an excruciatingly long delay due to technical glitches. The beyond visual range...

Gripen Fires Production Versions of MBDA’s Meteor air/air Missiles

A Gripen test aircraft has completed a recent firing test of the MBDA Meteor Beyond Visual Range Air-to-Air Missile (BVRAAM) missile. The test was...

Israel Will Be First International Customer To Fly Operational F-35 Units

Though late to sign on to the network of nations purchasing the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, Israel will be the first international customer to...

Test Firing Validates David’s Sling Air & Missile Defense System Maturity

Once simulations are validated through testing, David's Sling - an advanced air defense system developed jointly by Israel and the US could introduce unprecedented defensive capabilities, in terms of economy, coverage and airspace integration, posing an adversary with unacceptable attrition if they opt to attack. To a certain extent, the Iron Dome system has demonstrated this concept in a smaller scale during the recent conflict with the Palestinians in Gaza.

Advanced Systems Improve Tejas’ Fighting Skills

As the Tejas Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) has been in the making for much too long, but despite the delays, the aircraft that slowly moves toward the finish line is ‘born old’. If and when it is announced ‘fully mission capable’ by next year, Tejas will represent a mid-1990s generation platform, but will be ready to deploy with combat systems of the 21st century.

First Raptor Supersonic AIM-9X Launch

This test firing was part of the flight testing and integration of the AIM-9X on the Raptor, expected to run through 30 August 2013.

F-35s Progress Towards Weapons Delivery Flight Testing Later in 2012

The F-35 testing program is rapidly progressing toward the weapon testing milestone, which will be significant in validating the new fighter's combat capabilities for the first time. Among the testing were pit drops conducted at Pax River, and external carriage flights which included aerial refueling for the first time.

Poland Requests Enhanced Weapons for its F-16 Falcons

Poland wants to modernize its F-16 weaponry with Block II Sidewinders, Enhanced Paveways and Laser JDAMs, as part of a $447 million support package for 'Peace Sky' program

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