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Saab, Raytheon to Demonstrate a Guided Munition for Carl Gustaf M4...

The Raytheon Company and Swedish aerospace and defense firm Saab are developing a guided munition for the Carl-Gustaf man-portable, shoulder-launched weapon system under a U.S. Army contract. The munition answers a U.S. Special Operations Command requirement to increase the capability of the multirole Carl-Gustaf weapon system. It is intended to enable ground troops to engage multiple targets precisely at distances up to 2,000 meters, including moving targets.

Britain Wants a ‘Sovereign’ APS Architecture

Active protection is a new area of interest for the British Army. During DSEI The Leonardo group announced it was selected by the MOD, to demonstrate APS technologies to counter evolving threats. The British MIPS seems to align well with the Modular APS architecture developed in the U.S., as deliverables from both programs will provide common controllers and other key subsystems that will enable the integration and fielding of affordable soft and hard kill APS solutions.

Russian Army Evaluates a New, Disposable Rocket Launcher

The Russian Armed Forces are testing a new, yet unnamed disposable rocket-propelled grenade launcher.

Americanized RPG-7 is Ready to Serve

The US weapon manufacturer AirTronic USA is offering its Precision, Shoulder-fired Rocket Launcher (PSRL), anticipating future requirements for simple and effective weapon systems for...

50 Years Young, RPGs Keep Improving

Improved RGP Designs are Challenge Bar Armor Manufacturers Since their introduction in operational service in 1961 the Rocket Propelled Grenade Mk 7 (RPG-7) over nine...

SOCOM Orders Additional M3 Carl Gustafs

The U.S. Special Operations Command has awarded the Swedish company Saab a follow-on order for additional Carl-Gustaf man-portable weapon systems and ammunition. The order has a total value of US$25.8 million for delivery next year (2013).

Åkers Krutbruk Designs Enhanced Armor for Swedish Leopard 2, CV9035

The German company IBD along with its Swedish subsidiary Åkers Krutbruk have demonstrated the latest MBT protection study for the MBT122 and CV9040, improving the tank’s protection over 360 degrees enhancing protection from asymmetric threats.

Following the Trophy Success, RAFAEL Develops Hard Kill Countermeasures for Helicopters

RAFAEL has demonstrated key elements for an active defense system for helicopters, designed to protect from unguided weapons such as Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPG). The 'Fliker' interceptor is designed to minimize debris and thereby reduce the risk that shrapnel will hit and damage the aircraft.

ST Kinetics, AmSafe Join Forces to Market Tarian RPG Protection

Singapore Technologie's Kinetics (ST Kinetics) has teamed with AmSafe, the developer and producer of Tarian RPG protection system, to offer the lightweight, textile-based RPG protection system on its Warthog all terrain armored vehicles.

38 U.S., Afghan Military Personnel Lost in a Helicopter Crash in...

38 U.S and Afghan military personnel were killed tonight when a U.S. Army A Special Operations MH-47G Chinook was downed in Eastern Afghanistan. The tragedy is the worst combat loss event related to aviation operations, recorded in the Afghan war since 2001.

Chinook Downed by Taliban RPG fire in Eastern Afghanistan

A CH-47 Chinook helicopter downed by Taliban RPG fire in Eastern Afghanistan on Monday. The helicopter was hit by an RPG fired by Taliban, as...

Airbag RPG Countermeasure Completes First Testing Phase

Textron Defense Systems' Tactical Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) Airbag Protection System, (TRAPS), has recently completed the first phase of testing at the Energetic Materials...

FCS Program Demonstrates ‘Quick Kill’ against RPG

The U.S. Army is developing Active Protection System (APS) as part of its Future Combat Systems ground-force modernization program. FCS is designed to bring Soldiers into...

Russia Considers Producing RPG-32 in Jordan

Bazalt, the Russian developer and manufacturer of the RPG is planning to introduce a new multi-purpose rocket grenade by 2010. The new RPG-32 "Hasim"...

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