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SATCOM Solutions at Eurosatory 2012

As the demand for Satellite Communications (SATCOM) has increased in current operations around the world, military forces around the world are investing in fielding terminals, mobile and SATCOM On-The-Move (SOTM) capabilities as well as in portable systems. In this issue Defense Update reviews some of the latest commercial SATCOM based systems available for the military user, offering exciting new applications supporting asymmetric warfare and operations in complex terrain.

L3-Com Linkabit Standardizes WIN-T IP SATCOM Waveform

L-3 Linkabit provides turnkey SATCOM On-The-Move solutions that enable mobile and halted forces to collaborate, access Global Information Grid (GIG) resources, and exchange voice, data and video in a tactical environment. The MPM-1000 modem product family, which, when combined with an antenna and tracking system, provides an off-the-shelf SATCOM On-The-Move solution for both military and commercial applications.


ITT Exelis is introducing GNOMAD, a mobile, on-the-move satellite communications (SATCOM) system, providing over the horizon, satellite communications for data and voice while on...

Com-MRAPs Facilitate SATCOM, IP Networking to Support Combat Units

DataPath to Integrate Satellite Communications Networking on new, armor protected mobile networking hubs The US Army is planning to deploy new communications hubs mounted on...

Communications On The Move

WIN-T is the fundamental communications network developed for current/modular and Future Forces, providing the tactical and mobile enterprise network from theater through battalion and down...

Tactical Satellite Communications Networks

Start < Page 5 of 7 > With flexible operational services and compact ground terminals, Satellite Communications (SATCOM) services offer attractive solutions for military users in...

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