HoverEye VTOL Mini-UAV


The Hovereye family of VTOL UAVs includes two platform configurations – light and heavy versions. The 0.5 m diameter, 70 cm high “HEasy” model is the light (4.0kg) vehicle, carrying a payload weight of 0.3 kg on a 10 minute mission, up to a distance of 1,000 meters (limited to 500 meters without line of sight). It is capable of flying at wind speed of 20 km/h.

The heavier (10 kg) vehicle measuring 70 cm in diameter and 110 cm high, is capable of carrying a 1.0 kg payload on a 20 minute sortie, up to a range of 5 km (1 km beyond line of sight) withstanding winds up to 30 knots. Both platforms use electric propulsion.

Hovereye support various automatic and semi-automatic flight modes, auto-pilot, including auto-hovering and obstacle avoidance. The system is equipped with day/night imaging sensors as well as mission specific payloads, such as bio-chemical sniffers, communications gear and IED detection sensors.