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    • Raytheon, Dynetics are is Building 100kW Tactical Lasers for the US Army Jul 2, 2018 The Raytheon Company and Dynetics are both developing laser weapon prototypes that will utilize 100 kW class laser weapons. One of the prototypes will be tested by the Army in 2022. Each company received $10 million from the U.S. Army recently, to build a High Energy Laser Tactical Vehicle Demonstrator (HEL TVD) prototype based on the Army Oshkosh tactical FMTV truck.
    • China Conducts First Successful Flight of a Hypersonic Waverider Air Vehicle Aug 7, 2018 China has successfully tested a hypersonic waverider air vehicle for the first time. The vehicle flew and maneuvered at a speed of Mach 6. The Xingkong-2 waverider type vehicle was launched on a missile and after separation from the rocket launcher the Xingkong-2 (Sky Star) accelerated to the hypersonic speed and performed several maneuvers before it dropped to the surface and recovered. Flying at the edge of the atmosphere waveriders use the shockwaves generated by their own hypersonic flight to glide at high speed. The test flight took place at the target range located in Northwest China on Friday, August 3, 2018. According to the China Academy of Aerospace Aerodynamics that conducted the test flight Xingkong-2 was launched on a rocket and was released into the air. After separation it ascended to an altitude of 30 kilometers flying at Mach 5.5-6, (7,344km/h) speed for more six minutes, turning and making high-altitude maneuvers, according to the academy. At the end of the test, the flight vehicle was successfully recovered. The wedge-shaped waverider bounces on the edge of the stratosphere, to maintain high speed and unpredictable trajectory path that makes it difficult for intercept by missile defenses. Designed by the China Academy of Aerospace Aerodynamics under China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, the Xingkong-2 design could be adapted to carry conventional or nuclear weapons in the future. Similar designs are in development in Russia and the USA. Russia is expected to mature a hypersonic reentry vehicle and integrate it with the new Saramat intercontinental ballistic missiles by 2019. The USA is also pursuing hypersonic weapons but their development is not as mature as the Russians or Chinese systems.
    • Russian Giant Helicopter Prepares for Maiden Flight Aug 7, 2018 As a modernized version it will bring earlier models to the T2 standard. The Mi-26 is operated by a crew of five but the improvements introduced by the BREO-26 avionics suite enables most missions to reduce the to crew to 2-3 persons.
    • Israel Awards Contracts for Combat Systems for Magen Class Corvettes Aug 7, 2018 With the expected delivery of the first of Magen Class corvette next year the IMOD awards orders for the combat systems to be integrated with those vessels as they arrive in Israel. Elbit Systems announced today the receipt of an order worth US$85 for electronic warfare systems destined for those ships.
    • France Develops a Successor for the MICA Missile Aug 6, 2018 The French armament directorate (DGA) has launched a development program that will modernize the MICA air/air and surface/air missile, introducing a new generation of the weapon (MICA NG).
    • Rheinmetall to supply additional Argus soldier systems to the Canadian Armed Forces Aug 6, 2018 The Canadian Armed Forces have exercised options under the Integrated Soldier System Project (ISSP) to procure an additional 1,256 Rheinmetall Argus soldier systems, which will be delivered next year. This order is worth CAD22 million (€14.3 million)
    • Counter-Drone Tech May Have Repelled the Assassination Attack in Venezuela Aug 6, 2018 The failed assassination attempt in Caracas, Venezuela highlight the potential of drones as a weapon and a tool of terror, and the vulnerability of critical assets, even where drone countermeasures are active.
    • US Military Buy $3.9 Billion of Electronic Hardware from GD Aug 2, 2018 General Dynamics Missions Systems was awarded a US$3.9 billion sole-source contract by the U.S. Army, for the supply of Common Hardware Systems-5 (CHS-5) over the next five years. Products included in the CHS program include servers, storage, clients, networking devices, ruggedized platforms, hand-held end devices, Operational Transit Cases (OTC) and peripherals devices, all tested and proved to meet the program’s requirements.
    • IAI Develops a Drone-Based SIGINT for Rescue Missions Aug 2, 2018 ELTA Systems (a subsidiary of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is developing a drone-based version of its RES-Q-CELL system. The development is done in cooperation with TLC Solutions of the USA. This search and rescue system detects the location of cellular devices of victims trapped under rubbles and in disaster areas.
    • Bird Expands Special Mission Aircraft Capabilities Aug 1, 2018 BIRD Aerosystems will enhance the performance of ASIO SMA already operated by the customer, by upgrading their Mission Management System (MSIS), adding sensor enhancements, and improving connectivity and data sharing within the task force.
    • Defense Exhibitions – Q1 – 2019 Jul 31, 2018 A quarterly list of defense-related events from around the world. The first month of every quarter is open to all readers, the last two are reserved for subscribers. The full lists are opened for all readers at the beginning of each preceding quarter. We welcome events orgenizers updates, please use the form included at the end of each page.