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  • PIORUN-NG – A New, Advanced VSHORAD from Poland Sep 29, 2023
    The Polish Mesko and its partner, Telesystem-Mesko, are developing a new generation of its Piorun Very Short-Range Air Defense (VSHORAD) missile. The PIORUN NG (Thunderbolt) was displayed for the first time at the MSPO exhibition in Kielce, Poland, in early September. PIORUN-NG is scheduled to begin flight testing in late 2023.
  • SSW40, an Automatic Grenade Launcher Debut at DSEI 2023 Sep 12, 2023
    Rheinmetall is introducing at DSEI 2023 a new Squad Support Weapon (SSW) designed to fire 40mm grenade ammunition As fire jsupport weapon for infantry squads. SSW is an automatic, magazine-loaded, shoulder fired grenade launcher, with a size and weight similar to an assault rifle.
  • IAI’s ACDC Concept Ads Self Protection, Special Operations Capabilities to Naval Vessels Sep 12, 2023
    IAI is introducing the modular All Capabilities Defense Container (ACDC) concept at DSEI 2023, packing a system of systems of defensive and attack systems utilizing an ISO container system, enabling any vessel carry equipped to carry commercial shipping containers to operate the employ advanced capabilities for self protection.
  • IAI unveils ROTEM Alpha, an Anti Tank Loitering Weapon Sep 12, 2023
    IAI is unveiling at DSEI 2023 a new loitering weapon – Rotem Alpha, a new Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) tactical antitank loitering munition (LM) with capabilities that represent a change in the operational and combat approach to using loitering munitions, providing an advantage in the battlefield.
  • THeMIS Observe – Milrem’s Robotic Scout Unveiled at DSEI 2023 Sep 12, 2023
    MILREM is displaying a new configuration of the ‘THeMIS Observe’, an ISR system that significantly increases a tactical unit’s reaction speed on targets while maintaining a stand-off distance from the enemy.
  • Wireless Surface Charger to Power Drone Swarms Sep 12, 2023
    Rheinmetall Canada and Quaze are launching an innovative wireless charging solution for drones at DSEI 2023. The Drone Swarm Tactical OverWatch (DSTOW) module developed for Rheinmetall’s Mission Master UGV offers a unique solution enabling continuous, unattended and uninterrupted drone operations.
  • Elbit Systems Introduce Find-and-Strike (FAST) Capsule at DSEI 2023 Sep 12, 2023
    Elbit Systems has unveiled its latest development in the world of unmanned aerial systems: The Find-and-Strike (FAST) Capsule, combining the Skylark III and SkyStriker Loitering Munition (LM). FAST enables forces pursue independent missions collecting actionable tactical intelligence and offensive missions, synergizing each platform advantages to a single application, at the same time and place, saving the user on logistics, time and more importantly improving the crew expertise.
  • IDF to Replace Skylark Mini UAS with new Skylark1 eVTOL Drones Sep 11, 2023
    Israel׳s Defense Forces will replace the Skylark 1 Miniature UAS with larger, more modern, VTOL capable platforms developed by Elbit Systems. The new Skylark1 eVTOL and is equipped with electric was unveiled today at the DSEI 2023 exhibition in London, UK.
  • ARMOR HIGHLIGHTS – IDEF 2023 Aug 10, 2023
    The International Defense Industry Fair (IDEF) 2023 showcased the future of armored vehicle technology, featuring Turkish industry leaders. This article covers many of the innovations on display, from the unveiling of medium-weight tanks Tulpar and Kaplan to anti-drone systems and mobile repair variants. The event also highlighted export successes, including ARMA II 8×8’s strong foothold in the UAE and Kazakhstan, underscoring the global impact of these advancements.
  • Rafael Debuts the Sky Spear Long Range AAM at the Paris Airshow 2023 Jun 19, 2023
    Rafael is showing a new long-range air/air missile called SkySpear. The missile uses a double fin design at the tail and four canards at the front; a similar design was used in the main segment of the ground-to-air Stunner interceptor.
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