Russia Interested in Israel’s Evolving Microsatellites

Anatoly Perminov - Roscosmos
Microsatellite technology developed by Israel’s aerospace and defense industries is one of several fields of interest to Russia Space s is one of the areas the Russians are interested in, as part of a space cooperation agreement recently signed between Israel and Russia.

DARPA Seeks New Technologies for the Future Dismounted Squad

To succeed in their missions, military units must have a robust, multi-faceted picture of their operational environments, including the location, nature and activity of both threats and allied forces around them. Technology is making this kind of rich, real-time situational awareness increasingly available to airborne and other vehicle-assigned forces, along with a capacity to deploy precision armaments more safely,...

Israeli Surveillance Systems for Brazil’s SISFRON

Elbit Systems will supply electro-optical observation and surveillance systems for the Brazilian border security program known as 'SISFRON'. The systems will be supplied via Elbit Systems' Brazilian subsidiary AEL Sistemas, starting in 2014

Elta to Supply Radars for an Asian Fighter

Israel's ELTA Systems, a division, and a subsidiary of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) have been awarded a $55-million contract for the delivery of an undisclosed number of ELM-2032 Multimode Airborne Fire Control Radars to be installed in a new combat aircraft of an Asian origin.

Boomerang II – Acoustic Gunshot Detection System

Boomerang II acoustic gunshot detection system from BBN Technologies, is designed to operate in, noisy, vehicular environment, such as on the HMMWV. The system can automatically slew weapons or sensors to "close the loop" and rapidly engage the incoming fire with lethal effect. It was designed to integrate with TRAP T-250 remotely controlled weapon mount, the Weapon Watch EO/IR...

U.S. Navy Awards Austal Two Additional High Speed Landing Support Vessels

The U.S. Navy has exercised production options for two additional Joint High Speed Vessels (JHSV), awarding Austal USA, from Mobile, Alabama $204 million contract modification. JHSV will provide high speed, shallow draft transportation capability to support the intra-theater maneuver of personnel, supplies and equipment for the Navy, Marine Corps, and Army. Austal will construct the new vessels until December...

Misguided Restraint Against Somali Pirates Will Only Escalate Attacks

The misguided policy of restraint against the ever growing threat from pirates, roaming the high seas off the Somali coastline is becoming dangerously close to total surrender. There is little doubt left, that Islamic terror leaders will sooner or later exploit this signal of weakness and start substantial maritime terror all over the Globe, eventually bringing strategic shipping lanes...

BAE Systems Rolls-out the FCS’s All-Automatic, Ultra-lightweight 155mm Howitzer

BAE Systems rolled out the Non Line Of Sight Cannon (NLOS/C) to the Army on May 30, 2008. NLOS/C is the first prototype of the Manned FCS vehicle. This prototype was the first of nine vehicles to be delivered to the Army for engineering, mobility, safety and reliability testing as well as gun firing, to be conducted at the Army Yuma...

HQ-4 Xianglong UAV Ready for Flight

The Chinese Xianglong 'Soaring Dragon' UAV was recently seen at Chengdu seemingly prepared for the first test flight. The Soaring Dragon uses an innovative 'joined wing' design, employing a conventional swept wing joined with a forward swept wing. A model depicting this configurationwas shown at the Zuhai China Airshow 2006. Xianglong is powered by a single jet engine is mounted...

Australia Selects British Type 26 Design for $35 Billion Frigate Modernization

The Australian Government selected BAE Systems to build nine new frigates for the Australian Navy under the Australian Navy SEA 5000 Phase 1 Future Frigate project. The new Hunter Class frigates will replace the current ANZAC class frigates and will be optimized for anti-submarine warfare (ASW). The new vessels. The new warships are based on the Global Combat Ship design pioneered by BAE Systems, which was also selected for the Royal Navy Type 26 frigate.

DVIS / AVSR / DMVR Digital Video & Data Recorder

The Smiths Digital Video Information System (DVIS) provides a digital recording system designed for easy retrofit of existing video recorder tape decks. DVIS is expandable from 1 to 4 video channels and can interface with data transfer, terrain avoidance and other functions. With support for ACMI systems, DVIS enables the recreation of complex, realistic training debriefings depicting multiple aircraft,...

EQ-36 Counterfire Target Acquisition Radar

One of the major displays by Lockheed Martin was an operational prototype of the U.S. Army's new Enhanced AN/TPQ-36 radar, known as the EQ-36 Counterfire Target Acquisition Radar. In January 2007 Lockheed Martin was selected as prime contractor of on this program. EQ-36 will be able to detect, classify, track and determine the location of enemy indirect fire such as mortars,...

BAE Systems to develop a new helmet Display for the F-35

BAE Systems has been selected by Lockheed Martin to supply a Helmet Mounted Display (HMD) system for the F-35 during the next phase of its development. The new HMD incorporate the Q-Sight waveguide display and feature detachable Night Vision Goggles for night operations. BAE Systems will begin delivery of test assets in 2012 to support the F-35 development and integration laboratories, flight simulators, and flight-test platforms.

Hard-Charging Australian Submarine Temporarily Sidelined During RIMPAC 2012 by Leak Causing Minor Flooding

While participating at RIMPAC 2012 HMAS Farncomb experienced flooding while cruising at periscope depth during an exercise and was forced to surface. The sub sailed to Hawaii for repairs. With Farncomb’s departure from her assigned area of operations, Australia was reduced to a force of only one mission-capable submarine as the fleet’s remaining four submarines were undergoing maintenance and repairs.