DARPA’s Future MALE Drones to Operate From Littoral Combat Ships

DARPA wants to introduce a new class of MALE UAS that will be able to deploy from destroyer and frigate size vessels, such as the Independence Class Littoral Combat Ship (LCS-2),extending the Naval ISR and strike capabilities to deploy faster and farther, anywhere in the world

RAFAEL Develops a New High Energy Laser Weapon

RAFAEL's Iron Beam operational scenario. Photo: RAFAEL
Israel plans to implement a fifth ‘active defense’ layer in its national multi-layered air and missile defense system, aimed to provide an affordable countermeasure against threats at ‘very short range. The new capability will be able to protect border communities and military installations, offering point defense against various aerial threats. These elements could consist of the new ‘Iron Beam’ system,...

Russian Journalist Mystery: Is Kremlin Perturbed over new Mid East Gambit?

A senior Russian journalist who embarrassed the country's military establishment with a series of exclusive stories has been found dead outside his apartment in mysterious circumstances. That in itself seems nothing extraordinary in Russia these days. But the death of Ivan Safronov, 51, a former colonel in Russia's eliten nuclear missile forces and later military correspondent for a major Russian...

Q3/2019 Defense Events

Subscribe to see past events For Events taking place before July 2019 - Click Here July - September 2019 Events Traveling abroad? Our Travel Partner Agoda has the most attractive deals! RIAT 2019 Air Tatoo - 19-21 July 2019, RAF Fairford UK. TADTE 2019 Taiwan Aerospace & Defense Expo - 15-17 August 2019, Taipei, Taiwan. Unmanned Systems Defense Protection & Security (USDPS) - 20-21 August 2019,...

A “Dirty Bomb” Is Currently al Qaeda’s Favorite Weapon

Denying terrorists access to radiological materials that can be used in a dirty bomb attack - one that could bring western economy to a standstill and render areas uninhabitable for decades - is still a major security challenge. Should a dirty bomb or multiple dirty bombs be detonated in any major city, port complex, airport or train station, the result...

Unmanned Systems Soaring over Tel-Aviv

Citizens of the seaside town of Rishon Lezion, south of Tel-Aviv woke up today to an unfamiliar sound, as an IAI Heron I unmanned vehicle roamed low over the edge of the city, buzzing over the 'Yes Planet' range. Defense-Update reports. The heron was not alone here. Some of Israel's leading unmanned systems manufacturers gathered here today, to test their...

Marine Corps Test Fires APKWS Rockets from UH-1Y Helicopter

The U.S. Navy and Marine Corps successfully fired the first shots of the Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System II (APKWS) from a UH-1Y helicopter, in preparation for fielding in 2012. The successful shots, which took place at Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division in China Lake, California, Sept. 9-13, mark the start of APKWS testing on the UH-1Y, as part of the program’s low-rate initial production phase.

Israel Aborts an Arrow 3 Test for Target Failure

A test of Israel's Arrow 3 ballistic missile interceptor was aborted today due to a target failure. According to an Israel Ministry of Defense (IMOD) announcement, the test performed at the Air Forces' Palmachim missile test base was planned as part of the series of tests on Israel's multi-tiered defense array.

Israeli Spyders to Replace the Czech Air Force SA-6 Missiles

The Czech government approved the launch of procurement negotiations for four Israeli “SPYDER” batteries, within the framework of a G2G agreement between the two countries. Israel was selected as the sole supplier for the project and the expected agreement between the countries' defense ministries is estimated at over $400 million.

"USAF To Spend $2 Billion on Airborne Communications"

According to a Forecast International Research Forecast International is projecting sales of airborne communications systems for the U.S. military to reach $2 billion over the next 10 years. 66% of the total will be spent in the next five years. The 2011-2015 time period makes up $687 million in projected sales will undoubtedly be influenced by decisions related to Joint...

Israel Could Receive V-22 Ospreys by 2015

The US plans to expedite the delivery of six V-22 Osprey tilt rotor aircraft to Israel, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said. The Pentagon will reallocate part of the next production group originally destined to the US Marine Corps to meet the Israeli request for six aircraft. The V-22 is produced under a multi-year procurement, FY2014 budget plan is funding...

Stark Aerospace introduces a new, lightweight armor

Stark Aerospace is introducing a new, lightweight armor called 'ProtectLite' at the 2014 AUSA Annual Meeting & Exposition. Comprising a matrix of ceramic cylinders, ProtectLite armor offers a cost effective lightweight, highly resilient, survivability solution for vehicle armor.

Defense Stocks Performed Well in 2006

Defense and homeland security companies continued to outperform the broader market in 2006 as the benchmark SPADE Defense Index (AMEX: DXS) gained 19.33% and marked the seventh consecutive year it has outperformed the S&P500. Defense stocks are expected to continue to perform well in 2007, and Merrill Lynch cited them among its top 10 picks for 2007. Since 2000, the Index...

THOR Global Defense Introduces New .408" Sniper Rifles

THOR Global Defense Group, has introduced two models of the premier.408 ultra-long range sniper system, the XM408, and M408 (XM408ASA). Military applications of this bolt-action rifle are anti-personnel, anti-sniper and anti-material utilization. The M408 features accuracy improvement offering an overall more stable shooting platform and accurate assembly.