To Become Combat Teammates, Robots Must Earn Soldier’s Trust First

With autonomous vehicles rapidly maturing and expected to become part of our daily life in five to ten years, it is only logical that military robotics will follow. But, according to Meir Shabtai, General Manager of Robotic Systems Division at Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), the military robots are already here now.

Elbit Systems’ New Backpackable Military IP Radio (MIPR) Supports WIde-Band, High-Rate Data Transmission

Elbit Systems is introducing a new, tactical manpack software defined radio at Eurosatory, extending its family of SDR radios to vehicle mounted and dismounted applications. The new backpackable software defined Military IP Radio (MIPR) weighs about four kg and is fully developed by Elbit Systems. Earlier in 2010 Elbit Systems introduced the SDR-7200 - an encrypted, frequency-hopping software defined radio...

IAI Introduces a Tactical Member of the Heron Family of UAS

IAI is introducing a new member of the Heron family of Unmanned Aerial Systems, designed for tactical operations. The Tactical Heron or T-Heron is positioned as the successor for the company's Searcher tactical UAS. Flight testing of the new UAS is expected to begin in 2019 and continue through the next year.

Israel to Replenish the IAF Aerial Ordnance, Requests U.S. Arms Package Worth $1.8 Billion

Israel plans to replenish its aerial ordnance stocks with the procurement of thousands of US made warheads and guidance kits worth over $1.8 Billion. The State Department published a request for Congress approval for this acquisition. The package includes several types of GPS and laser guided munitions, missiles and deep target penetrating bombs shells that can defeat deeply buried targets.

Global Safety Labs Improves Armored Vehicle Fire Protection

Fire protection has always been a major consideration in the design of combat vehicles. Uncontrolled fires can spread quickly to flammable materials and explosives, causing catastrophic results. In Iraq, insurgents have begun using fires as a tactic to attempt to penetrate armored vehicles - targeting vulnerable fuel tanks and tires. // // According to Michael H. Freeman, CEO/COO of fire-proofing...

Spike ER Extended Range AT Missile

Spike ER (Formerly known as NT-D) is the extended long-range version of the Spike family, capable of defeating tanks at a range well beyond 6 kilometers. This missile is designed for installation on land vehicles, helicopters and naval platforms. Spike ER uses a day seeker or day/night seeker, a Tandem warhead which defeats any known armored target. The Spike...

International Aerial Group Supports Israel’s Firefighting Campaign in Mt. Carmel

Above: Two amphibian firefighters joining the fight over the Carmel mountain - a Hellenic Bombardier CL-415 and Russian Be-200 Altair. Photo: Nir Ben Yosef. Faced with the worst forest fire since last Wednesday, Israel mobilized all firefighters, law enforcement and Home Front command in an effort to fight the blaze burning Jewish, Druze and Arab settlements across the mountain. Lacking effective...

Updated: Saudi Troops Enter Bahrain

Saudi Arabian forces were deployed today to Bahrain, to assist the local government dealing with civil unrest that followed violent encounters with demonstrators that blocked main roads to the center of the Island's capital Manama.

Integrated Communications C4I Systems For Security Applications

Advanced wireless communications integrated with command, control and computer systems are combined with the IDF new Tactical Operational Command and Control Headquarters system (TORC2H) deployed by the for border security was integrated by  Elbit Systems, unifying sensors, security forces and command centers into the regional security C2 system. The system utilizes C2 and GIS  software tools provided by ARCNet, to ...

EXTRA – Extended range Rocket System

The EXTRA rocket is developed and marketed under cooperation between IMI and IAI/MLM. Equipped with a GPS/INS guidance system, the rocket achieve high accuracy at twice the range of standard MLRS (20 to 150 kilometers) carrying twice the warhead weight (warhead of 150 kg compared to 60 kg of standard MLRS). The 430 kg rocket is designed for carriage...

New Mini-Drone Provides ‘Eye in the Sky’ for Small Boats

Elbit Systems introduce today the Skylark C - the first naval member of its electrically powered mini-UAV family. Based on the operational and combat-proven Skylark I-LEX Mini UAS, the naval variant extends the Skylark reconnaissance and surveillance capabilities to the maritime domain.

Israel Air Force Implement Major Structural Changes

Following changes in the scale of the Air Force’s missions and responsibilities, the position of Chief of the Air Group will be divided by two brigadier generals and a new officer will be appointed to oversee coordination with the Ground Forces. These represent the most significant structural change in the Air Force has undergone since the Yom Kippur War. The...

Maritime Surveillance Radars from Elta

Coastal defense radars introduce different type of systems, which are uniquely capable of detecting small boats and floating objects even at rough sea. These systems include the EL/M-2226 ACSR which is deployed along the Israeli coastline. The system has recently been connected into a coastal defense network where additional radars are planned for installation on the top of the...

Indian Navy Demonstrates ‘MRSAM ‘Cooperative Engagement’ Capability

The Indian Navy conducted the first firing test of an MRSAM naval air defense missile employed in the full Joint Taskforce Coordination (JTC)  mode. JTC implements the MRSAM 'Cooperative Engagement' operating mode.