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Israel’s First M-346 Lavi Advanced Trainer Taking Shape in Italy

Alenia Aermacchi’s plant in Venegono has begun assembling Israel's first M-346 advanced jet trainer. The three major components of the first aircraft are currently...

VideoReport: MEADS Passes Major Milestone Conducting Two Simultaneous Intercepts at White...

The Medium Extended Air Defense System (MEADS) has passed an important milestone today, intercepting and destroying two simultaneous targets attacking from opposite directions during...

Manila to pay $400 million for two Italian frigates

The Philippines is set to buy two Maestrale-class frigates from Italy, Defense Undersecretary Fernando Manalo said Wednesday. The acquisition of the two frigates, along with 12...

Alenia Aermacchi Carves A Niche For a New Jet Trainer

Alenia Aermacchi offers the M-345 as a basic-advanced lightweight fast jet trainer with Life-Cycle Costs comparable to those of heavyweight turboprops. The company claims the jet-trainer provides much better training effectiveness over turboprop powered trainers, as it offers a real jet environment and real jet handling. With its flexibility and flying qualities, in particular at high operational speed, the aircraft allows significant “downloading” of flying hours from the advanced training phase.

Second M346 Down

An Italian built M-346 jet trainer crashed yesterday on a flight over Italy. The aircraft manufacturer Alenia Aermacchi said the single pilot that flew...

Italian Tornados Prepared for New Weapons

Panavia, the European consortium responsible for the multinational Tornado program has been awarded a contract introducing the AGM-88E (AARGM) and GBU-39 (small Diameter Bomb) weapons to the Tornado Strike Fighter platform, addressing the Italian Air Force long term upgrading plan.

SAMP / T Successful on a Franco-Italian Missile Defense Test

The Italian Army and French Air Force carried out yesterday a successful intercept of a ballistic missile target, testing a European missile defense architecture based on the European SAMP / T missile defense system.

Manila Wants Better Armed Frigates

Manila is seeking to add a third frigate to the Philippine Navy. According to Peter Paul Galvez, defense spokesman, Manila is planning to acquire new frigates that will be armed with more advanced weaponry than the current vessels provided by the US, including surface-to-air capability.

US Army $353 Million GMLRS Order Includes Supplies to Italy, Jordan...

The US Army awarded Lockheed Martin US$353.2 million follow-on contract for the seventh production lot of Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System (GMLRS) Unitary rockets....

US Air Force Grounds C-27J Fleet Due to Flight Control Failure

The entire fleet of US Air Force C-27J cargo aircraft has been ordered grounded following a mechanical failure of one aircraft’s flight control system. The failure occurred during a training mission on 3 July and was described as a “flight control problem” in a written statement released by Air Force officials.

Israel to buy 30 M346 jet trainers from Italy for $1B

Israels Ministry of Defense (IMOD) has reached a preliminary agreement with Italy for the procurement of 30 M346 military training jets, built by the...

Alenia Aermacchi’s C-27J: The TACTICAL Transport Aircraft

In the medium tactical transport sector, when the word “tactical” is a true requirement, the only answer is: Alenia Aermacchi C-27J Spartan.

Elettronica and the art of Innovation

“In a highly competitive market niche you can’t afford to be runner up, but you must always get their first - explains the CEO Mr. Enzo Benigni - and to do so you must be at the forefront and invest in Research & Development. Neutralizing a threat implies knowing what’s happening, and transforming this know-how into a realistic undertaking.”

Israel Air Force Plans Inviting Foreign Air Forces to a Multi-National...

In 2013 the IAF plans to invite a number of foreign air forces to a multi-national joint exercise, to further elevate international cooperation with friendly nations. The IAF has been training extensively with foreign air forces in recent years, particularly with Italy, Greece and Romania, following the Turkish government decision to terminate joint training with Israel. Last week a joint training exercise with the Italian Air Force was held at the southern Negev base of Ovda.

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