Eurosatory 2012 Preview


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    Eurosatory 2012 – the World’s largest defense expo will take place in Paris at the Parc d’Expositions north of Paris, 11-15 June 2012. This year the event hosts over 1,100 exhibitors indoors and outdoors. Many exhibitors are participating in the dynamic live demonstrations while others are grouped in technology clusters, appending to visitors focused attention.

    Focus Areas:Combat Vehicles, Unmanned Systems, C4ISR, Homeland Defense, Electro-Optics, Simulation & Training, Military Medicine, CBRNE.

    Modern and futuristic warfare will undoubtedly be ome of the main themes of the show. The French ‘Scorpion‘ program, is reaching a level of maturity enabling the industry group to showcase the capabilities of the new generation of vehicular and dismounted combat systems, command and control and integrated networking, that will be showcased in an operational demonstration scheduled for june. Similar concepts extensively networked troops and units, unmanned systems, ISR-based command and control, and advanced networking maximizing the use of precision attack, are likely to be highlighted by U.S., German, British and the Israelis.

    Combat Vehicles
    Combat vehicles are the core of the modern military force. In recent years, the difference between armored fighting vehicles and unprotected utility vehicles has faded, as military forces have engaged asymmetric threats compromising all assets, regardless of their echelon. It has also became evident that vehicles and personnel are exposed to attack over 360 degrees – front, flank, top, belly or the rear, raising the growing interest in 360 degrees protection, by passive and active protection means.

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    The role of the Main Battle Tank is maintained, at least in the growing military forces in Asia, North Africa, the Middle East and, to some extent, Latin America. Considerable interest and debate follows the evolution of Infantry Combat Vehicles – tracked or wheeled – different concepts are aimed at full-scale (high intensity) military operations or low intensity conflicts.

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    Mine and IED protected troop carriers are the latest category of combat vehicles that evolved in recent years. This category has always been available but such vehicles were fielded in relatively small numbers, supporting peacekeeping forces and special missions. Protecting the massive involvement of western armies in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan demanded tens of thousands of such armored, mine protected vehicles that are now fielded and require refurbishment, and modification to adapt them for continuous use. The requirement for improved mine and ballistic protection for all tactical vehicles is now mandatory, and these platforms, optimized chassis, protection systems and vetronics are likely to dominate the indoor and outdoor display at the upcoming Eurosatory show.

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    Unmanned Systems

    Responding to a growing interest in the use of unmanned systems and robotics, (20% of visitors have expressed interest in these applications) Eurosatory highlights such systems in the UAV-UGV cluster, which has been steadily growing in recent shows. The cluster offers manufacturers to promote their products in a specific area. Adjacent to this area is the 400m2 arena, where robots are performing live demonstrations, negotiating obstacles, highlighting mobility, handling, and mission performance. In recent years Eurosatory has attracted a growing number of UAV/UGV manufacturers, including Aerovironment, G-Nius, Infotron, Meggitt, Swisscopter and Workfly. Other UAV/UGV manufacturers are exhibiting in other halls, as well as in the outdoor live demonstration.

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    Night Vision, Thermal, ISR Equipment
    Modern military operations are performed often at night, when the ability to see through darkness offers dramatic advantages in asymmetric warfare. Night vision and thermal imaging equipment is highlighted here at the Day, Night Vision & Optronic cluster, and throughout the exhibition. Over 400 exhibitors have displayed optronic equipment at the 2010 Eurosatory, and 20 percent of the 53,000 visitors expressed interest in these applications. Beyond the enabling of night vision, optronic equipment is relevant to much broader applications, for intelligence gathering, fire control, command and control, area surveillance, battle damage assessment and search and rescue and much more. These applications will be addressed in specific clusters or by exhibitors in the main halls.

    The full edition of our weekly preview is available for €4.95 per edition. The first edition (11 May 2012) is available for trial at no charge.

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    Simulation & Training
    Armed Forces are being more committed in multi-face and changing conflicts and situations. Full- scale training is more and more costly and all countries are facing an economic downturn. Eurosatory is addressing this trend with the Training and Simulation cluster. While only 18% of the visitors are interested in these applications, the cluster offers a focal point for these visitors, addressing the need for improving operational skills and readiness despite force reduction and austerity measures effecting many armies and security forces.

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    The full edition of our weekly preview is available for €4.95 per edition. The first edition (11 May 2012) is available for trial at no charge.

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